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Snorlax – SonarQube reporting tool

My latest project is a basic SonarQube reporting tool, used to generate e-mail reports on unassigned and open issues by user and project.

Snorlax is designed do to two things:

  • Notify users periodically of all “overdue” issues (an overdue issue is one that is unresolved since a certain time).
  • Provide managers with a summary report of which users have the most overdue issues, and which projects have the most unassigned issues.

To Run

The easiest way is via Docker for Linux:

docker run -it
        -e SNORLAX_SONAR_URL=*SonarUrl*
        -e SNORLAX_SONAR_TOKEN=*ApiToken*
        -e SNORLAX_SMTP_SERVER=*SmtpServer*

See for a list of all supported environment variables.

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