My latest project is rxxy2 – a simple RXJS pipeline visualiser / tutorial tool for beginners.

To Try

Click here to visit the demo page

To Clone

git clone https://github.com/alanapz/rxxy2.git

To Run

(Assuming local port 60123)

docker run --name rxxy2 -it -p alanmpinder/rxxy2:1.0
start http://localhost:60123

To Run and Edit

If you want to edit the project in real-time, you will need to mount the sources so they are accessible outside the docker.

(Assuming sources will be mounted at c:\rxxy2)

docker volume create --driver local --opt type=none --opt device=c:\rxxy2 --opt o=bind rxxy2_app_data

docker run --name rxxy2 -it -p --mount type=volume,src=rxxy2_app_data,dst=/app/rxxy2/rxxy2,volume-driver=local alanmpinder/rxxy2:1.0

Note: Docker volumes seem to be a bit fragile – it can take upto 30- minutes to synchronise across volumes and even worse, the inotify() support seems to be patchy at best.

I recommend either running the project outside of a Docker, or cloning the project onto the host and bind mounting the sources folder into the container.